The Bach Cantatas - Acknowledgements

My thanks and appreciation to the following:

Professor John Butt of Glasgow University for his enthusiastic support and encouragement.

Aryeh Oron, whose Bach website has been a source of information, inspiration and debate for many Bach lovers around the word and which forms a complementary coupling with this one; see 'Links' and 'Using this website.'

Graham Jones for permission to use some of his excellent photographs of the Bach tour.

Martin and Tom for their professional expertise in web design.

Rob Townsend for help in setting up the music examples.

Rehaan Engineer for some invaluable spotting of typos.

Martin Brothers at Beacon Digital for his assistance and rapid responses to sort out technical problems.

A large number of colleagues, musicians, broadcasters, friends and music lovers for their support of the project and invaluable feedback often allied to helpful suggestions and corrections:-  Thomas Braatz, Evelyn Tubb, Andrew Massey, Grahame Abbot, Anthony Rooley, Michael Frith, David Owen Bell, Lewis George, Harry Crosby, Gerda Arendt, Ed Myskowski. 

Library staff at Trent Park for allowing access to scores and recordings.

My wife Cordelia Bryan for much proofreading and support and son Laurence whom I have probably seen less of than I should have done in his formative years due to the demands of this project.

And finally a cursory nod in the direction of Middlesex University which did not fund my research when I was a member of academic staff and which has declined to recognise my work subsequently.